Lionsgate 8/8 Portal Collective Message 🦁🐺🌞

The Lionsgate 8/8 portal peaks on August 8th when Earth, the Sun, and Sirius-Earth’s spiritual sun, align. This energy shines spiritual truth and wisdom upon us from our higher guidance above and illuminates us from within.

Cards pulled from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Rassouli

We are experiencing “genuine shifts in consciousness” and are called to create and participate in a new way of life, at one with the love that is our soul. Lionsgate is telling us that we are indeed healing and awakening and in the beginning stages of a new age, the Age of Aquarius. All that was separate and fractured before is being transformed. We are free to ascend and be ourselves and in so doing, we light up the way for the whole world. “Just as the sun breaks through darkness with its own light, shining light with its presence by simply being, so too does your inner sun, your soul.”

Each of our individual journeys is so powerful and affective to the collective. With each one of us who finds surrender, forgiveness, lives a happy day, loves a darkness into light, and finds courage to live newly, light is anchored in Earth’s grid and the entire frequency of the planet rises, making it easier and easier for the next person to be the light and ascend. If you are reading this, you are a wayshower. You get to go ahead. Yes this may seem hard, but others have gone before you and paved the way, you can do this because you were chosen, you chose this, and you are capable and worthy.

How fun to be a pioneer! “How can your feet bear to be still, when the music is so lush and inviting?.. Even mountains change. Surrender the stodgy ways of the mind and become willing to dance to the great orchestrations of love.” Yes this can at times feel just as unsettling and scary as it is exciting. Some things just need to change and be shaken up so we can align with our highest good. Think about learning a new skill. Sometimes when you’re learning something new, you want to do it in a way that is most comfortable, even if that way isn’t the most conducive to success and happiness, it feels safe. Then you get out of your comfort zone and try it a different way. It feels so foreign and weird but it works! That’s what we’re doing here, we’re finding new movement that actually works. Movement that comes from the heart. And when you live from the heart you will always be centered and guided no matter how the world turns. So live. From your heart. Let your world be turned upside down if necessary.

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