Full Moon Oracle Message- Taurus Blue Moon—Happy Halloween 🌝

Card pulled from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Rassouli

A New Gown

“I have the perfect gift for you. It is a gown of new colours, of colours perfectly suited to you and no other. The colours of this gown will make your eyes sparkle and gleam as though they were more beautiful than the most precious of gems. The colours of this new gown will make your skin seem luminous as if lit from within. For of course it is, beautiful angel, your complexion is radiant with the light of life…”

“Do not doubt the changes happening within you now-embrace them.”

Can’t you feel something shifting inside you? A new awareness, or a new willingness or acceptance? It is not to say a brand new you is emerging but rather that more of the real you and what’s within is emerging to be lived, experienced, allowed, felt and expressed. This can be in one area or multiple facets of your inner and outer life. Give yourself credit for how much you have grown and learnt. Also recognise where you are allowing yourself to be held back by fear. Can you have faith enough to move through any fear so you can rock your new gown perfectly tailored to you and your essence? You can imagine the perfect comfy sweater and sweat pants if that feels better to you.😉 Imagine whatever makes you feel true, authentic, powerful, and at ease. Give yourself permission to change and to grow. What’s in your heart?

Here is an exercise to help you connect with your heart. Simply place your hand on your heart and feel your heartbeat. Become aware of your heart and just pay attention to what arises. Don’t force anything or expect something to happen right away. Sometimes we just need to give awareness to our heart and acknowledge that it is there. Do this daily and as often as you would like. Your heart has intelligence just as your brain does and the more you connect with your heart, the more connected and in tune you will be.

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