About Dyisha

Dyisha is a holistic wellness coach.
She is a 300 hour certified Ayurveda wellness coach and a Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop leader and life coach. Dyisha is currently working toward her 600 hour Ayurveda health counselor certification.

Dyisha believes that every person is worthy and deserving of love, happiness, health, and wellbeing. Regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, past history, or any other factor- you deserve a beautiful life, and Dyisha is passionate about helping you experience a life of health and happiness. Dyisha believes that the more happiness, health, and wellbeing we each experience on a personal level, the happier and healthier the entire planet and all of humanity can be.

Growing up in a family with addiction and depression shaped the limiting early childhood beliefs and low self-esteem Dyisha brought into early adulthood. Discovering the philosophy of Love Yourself, Heal Your Life opened up her world to self-love and the whole world of possibilities self-love makes available. When we truly love ourselves and have an awareness of our mind-body-spirit connection, everything in life can work out beautifully for us. Embracing self-love helped Dyisha align with her soul purpose of helping others to connect with their personal wellbeing. She is passionate about helping others embrace the love they have within so that they can live aligned with and aware of their soul’s purpose, and enjoy life as their healthiest version of self.

Dyisha is most passionate connecting with and exploring nature, and getting to bring that joy and fulfillment she feels into all her client interactions. You will find her happiest surrounded by and immersed in the beauty of nature. Communing with nature and connecting with others on a heart to heart level are two of her favorite things that make her feel most happy, fulfilled, and alive.

Working with Dyisha:

Dyisha loves to get to know you on a one on one, heart to heart level. As you journey and explore together, you build a relationship as Dyisha guides and educates you in being your own authority and knowing how to listen to your own inner wisdom.
We all have intelligence within, an intelligence that guides us in being our healthiest self and living and thriving in alignment with our most fulfilling life. We have an inner guidance system and we don’t need anyone else to tell us how best to live. But, it is helpful to learn how to discern and listen to our inner guidance. Sometimes we have unprocessed muck that can get in the way of receiving clear guidance, and sometimes we need a clear outline to follow, or another trusted soul to provide feedback and help with inspiration and reflection.

Dyisha’s intention and offering to you is to be an embodied, present, and heart-centered leader who provides a safe space for you to be, witness your whole self, reflect, and grow. She specialises in creating a flow or outline that is tailored to you and your unique journey. What works for one may not work for another, and what worked for you at one time may need to be adjusted to best benefit where you are at now. You and Dyisha get to decide together your best course of action. She will prompt and guide you as you learn to listen to your own inner wisdom and take charge of your health, life, and wellbeing.

Some topics you can work on with Dyisha:
Mindset and beliefs in a specific area of life
Nervous system regulation
Living in harmony with your moon (menstrual) cycle
Improving digestion
Food choices
Feeling good in your body and having energy and vitality
Daily and seasonal routine
Ayurvedic cleansing

These are just some ideas of what you can work on with Dyisha. Holistic wellness and spirituality is a vast topic. Let Dyisha know what interests you and what areas of life you would like help with. Together you can focus on Ayurveda, Heal Your Life, or a combination of both modalities.

You are invited to email Dyisha to book a free connection call. She looks forward to meeting you!

Sending love and encouragement to you beautiful soul!

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