Why to Connect to your Higher Self

The importance of our Higher Self is often not understood. Many are not even aware of the existence of their Higher Self. Higher Self is another name for Soul. We are all eternal souls having a temporary human experience. Everyone one of us is made up of both Earth (form, physical, dense, ego) and Spirit (light, formless, eternal, God) while we are in this body. Our souls incarnated on Earth by choice and with reason. What our Soul gains from life on Earth can only be attained through living with the laws and conditions of this time space reality. To understand and expand, our Soul must experience. We are expressions of the one Source (God, Creator, Universe) who itself seeks to expand and which expands through each individual experience and expansion.

How much we are aligned with our Soul’s purpose for incarnating on Earth can be gauged by the way we feel. Our Soul communicates through our emotions. When we feel negative emotion it is because we are thinking thoughts contradictory to what our Soul knows to be true and taking action not truly satisfying to the vision and reason for being of our Higher Self. In every moment you can access guidance from the wisdom and knowing of your Higher Self, all you have to do is tune into the way you feel. This works with everything from deciding what to wear and what to eat from who to spend time with and what life path to follow.

Tuning into our emotions and following what they tell us sounds easy, but we don’t always listen. The wisdom of our Soul can be stifled by the conditioning of the modern world and all the voices that go against your own. Fear can overpower us and prevent us from acting on our guidance and knowing. When we ignore and suppress our emotions the body then pays the toll by physically holding the energy of suppressed emotions and we wonder why we hurt, have low energy, no passion, don’t feel well, and things don’t work out.

You can always choose at any point to decide to listen to the guidance of your Soul. Give yourself time to nurture and learn to communicate with your Higher Self. Explore your feelings and what they might be telling you. If something feels good then follow the impulse and watch miracles unfold. Your Higher Self knows exactly how to get you to what you truly want and where you need to be better than your thinking mind does. If something doesn’t feel good then don’t follow it. Get to a feeling place (meditation and movement help) where you can allow the thoughts that feel better to come in so you can follow those thoughts instead. Negative emotion is still guidance that you need to be focusing on or doing something different.

The wisdom of the Universe is a part of us and when we connect to it and allow it to flow through us it is possible to live the life of our dreams and more. There is much that our rational, thinking minds cannot grasp about the magic of existence. But if you let go of needing reasonable explanation, allowing inner knowing to take over and emotions to guide you, you can certainly feel the wonder of existence and you will experience miracles.

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