Human Superpower

Our thoughts create our reality. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. But what if it were true? What if our thoughts were so powerful they were actually a superpower? Well, I believe they are and I’m going to try to explain this to you. Try to be open minded before you dismiss this as not for you. Reading this could potentially help you with the Law of Attraction and to embrace the power to create your reality.

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that we are in fact creating our reality every moment of every day with the beliefs we have. This is why I say embrace the power to create your reality, because we are doing it anyway. I also want to establish a difference between thought and belief. You can try to think something but that doesn’t mean you believe it to be true. So from here on I think it is more fitting to say our beliefs create our reality.

Admittedly, this is a huge responsibility. The weight of this truth may cause you to want to shut down or dismiss it. But if you allow some time to process this information, you will come to see that the knowledge that you do create your reality can be liberating and empowering. If you want to understand the Law of Attraction and manifestation then you must understand this.

We all have core beliefs and these are what shape our life experience. Many of us are unaware of what our core beliefs are or that we even have them at all. If you look around at your life experience you will see everywhere reflected back to you what your beliefs are. It is impossible for life to reflect back to you what you don’t believe is true. If you believe that life is hard, that other people have it better than you, that you aren’t good enough, that you never have enough money, etc then this will be your life experience. If you believe that life is easy, things are always working out, money is easy to come by and that you are deserving then this will be your life experience. You can even believe things about yourself like that you’re lazy, never happy or aren’t capable of changing and that will be your experience or you can believe that you can be happy, healthy, energized and can do absolutely anything you want and that will be your experience. It really is that simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy.

This is where the superpower comes in. It is so incredibly hard to think/feel/believe differently than you do and to not react based on previous experience. If you’re beliefs aren’t serving you then it is essential that you practice your superpower, which is to practice new beliefs and take control of your thoughts and mind instead of letting them control you. How do you know your beliefs aren’t serving you? When you’re struggling or not enjoying your life experience, influenced by your fears.

Using your superpower is also hard because it takes practice and we are wired for instant gratification. These thoughts and beliefs that we practice now, that are so easy and automatic to think that we don’t even realize we have a choice in thinking them, have taken a lifetime to cultivate. It’s natural that it will take time to cultivate new beliefs to replace the old ones and to have the new beliefs reflect back to us through life experience. Having the knowledge doesn’t make it so. Again this is where your superpower comes in, with the ability to keep practicing and believing even when you don’t see immediate results and to be kind to yourself throughout the process. Part of this superpower of your mind is also to cultivate the ability to love yourself equally and wholly no matter the stage in this process you are at. It truly is all ok and part of the journey. Our souls are here to learn and experience. How powerful we are when we are in control of our mind. We can choose to be happy and create a beautiful life experience.

Keep all this in mind if you’re thinking about New Years resolutions. It’s a good time to decide your resolutions but don’t expect them to stick right away. Remember it takes practice! If a resolution is to quit smoking, it’s ok to take steps to quit smoking, it doesn’t have to be all at once. Same with being happy, more money, new job, this goes for any resolution. Seasonally speaking (in the northern hemisphere) it’s going to be winter which isn’t conducive to new growth so be willing to start slow and easy.

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