Solstice Oracle Message

Whether this message finds you in the Summer or the Winter, it is an invitation to reflect on your inner light. Could you be better served by ceasing external activity and stimulation for a moment to go inward and check in with what is going on with your inner light? Could you be better served by getting in on the action and acting on your blessings, in touch with the strength and composition of your internal light? Pay attention to your inner rhythm to tune into if you are in need of a long winter night in or a long summer day out. While the energies of these two solstices are literally polar opposites, we all live on one Earth and these energies are occurring equally and simultaneously. Here is the oracle card and message pulled from the Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild:

“The oracle of the Blood Angel comes to you with a particular message: you are being given the gift of more life. You may experience this as growth, expansion, more energy, more life force or divine electricity circulating through your system. The Blood Angel understands that in the gift of greater life, which enables a soul to live more of its essence, becoming a more palpable divine presence upon this earth, there are many unavoidable experiences. One of these is that there will be more sunsets to counter the increase in your sunrises! This is about balance. When opening up to receive more, one needs to empty out what has been to allow for a new influx of energy. It is not about an exchange of equal measure, for you will receive according to the great generosity of life itself, and thus even more shall be offered in compensation for what you are willing to release. However, release must take place. Balance is the natural law. The sunset makes way for a time of night- that might be the darkness of grief, or the stirring of unknown places within that only reveal themselves in clarity the following morning. Being ready to endure the sunset and the night to become ready to receive the sunrise -and with it more life-is your divine task now… You may prefer that things remain the same, but what are you really wanting in that belief? Happiness? A sense of safety and security? Love? Remember, that in any divine gift- no matter whether it seems to come at first through an obvious bestowal of grace, such as a wish coming true or a prayer being answered, or through a hidden grace of loss or ending in our lives- there is always an offering of greater life within it. The Blood Angel tells you not to make yourself too small for what is happening in your soul and life now by holding on to what you know, or holding on when it is better to let go. It may not be easy, but you will gain more trust in the Divine, in you, in life, and great power and heavenly play can and will flow through your soul into the world. The Blood Angel invites you to accept the genius of life and allow it to flow through you, circulating your divine light even more abundantly into the world around you… The Blood Angel brings you the blessing of whatever energy is required to expand into where life is leading you. What the Divine has instilled within your heart shall be financed with life force and energy so it may be brought to fulfilment. This is the sacred contract of human life. The journey shall be taken by the soul, and there will be challenges, and yet what is required for divine fulfilment will always be available.”

Happy Solstice dear soul🖤

Wishing you the blessings of 🌞and🌝

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