Full Moon in Virgo Oracle Message

This full moon we are guided to let go of plans and any stiffness resulting from those plans. Mercury, who rules Virgo, is going direct alongside the Virgo full moon. With this energy we may be inspired to move ahead into the details of our plans. Move ahead, but don’t get caught up in plans or layouts, and do allow space for freedom and heart inspired activity and ideas. In other words, allow your heart and inspiration to lead you.

“There is somewhere you are meant to be. It is here, now, in this moment…

You are at the point of growth where your mind can hold you back rather than urge you forward. If you have, like so many, used your mind to support you, to sure up your sense of self in the world and to gain a sense of certainty about how the world works, then this is no easy leap… You are being asked to dance, rather than understand, to lay the thoughts to rest and to come alive. It is the bravest, most trusting soul that dares put the mind to one side and say, ‘Tonight we dance, my heart and I, in the great rousing music of the beloveds beating heart – and I will not miss one step.’ And to awaken the next day and do that all over again – and again, and again.

You are ready, you see, sweet soul dancer. You are ready to live beyond what you know, to have it not matter if you don’t understand how life can work itself out, or how it could be that someone normal and ordinary as you and I could be so magnificent, wild and divine. The need for answers and plans, assurances and explanations, is passing out of your world now… You are to let go of any stigma around not knowing…

Know nothing and dance sweet soul, for all will unveil itself to you in perfect harmony and timing. Your heart shall create the steps in response to the music of the sphere, happening now, alive and spontaneous, and free.”

Whirling Goddess Sacred Honouring Ritual: “Say aloud: ‘I give my heart permission to lead this dance. I give my mind some time off – no more worry or doubt, planning or resisting. Instead, I surrender. Instead, I open. Instead, I allow, I allow, I allow. And all unfolds with perfection, divine timing and the miracle of grace. With Rumi as my soul witness, so be it.’ You have completed your honouring ritual.”

Oracle Card and ritual from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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