Full Moon in Aquarius Oracle Message

It’s time to help the world by being yourself, not enable the world by fitting in.

Card pulled from Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie, art by Josephine Wall

The full moon in Aquarius on August 3rd is accompanied by the energy of the Lionsgate 8/8 portal. The portal energy peaks on August 8th when Earth, the Sun and Sirius-Earth’s spiritual sun, align. The full moon and the Lionsgate portal are working together to bring personal insight and illumination, shake up anything that is not in alignment, and help you take steps to ascend on your soul’s highest path for the good of all.

For there to be harmony in the world or a community or a relationship, there must first be harmony in the individual self. To walk your highest path you need to be uniquely you and honor and express yourself. Let your freak flag fly- Aquarian energy likes to march to the beat of its own drum while still allowing and hearing the symphony and cacophony of others truth. The Lionsgate portal is helping you hear what the beat of your own drum actually is by communicating with you at the level of your soul, illuminating your heart, third eye and entire being with divine light.

Our oracle message for this full moon is “Discover Your Courage” and “Embrace the Truth”. You can be courageous enough to embrace your own truth. You will see it whether you look in the mirror or see it reflected back to you through your experiences. Be willing to see through the eyes of your soul. Do not fear the dragon, it is on your side and symbolic of the higher guidance and spiritual support available to us all now. Call on your higher power and ask for help in knowing and honouring the truth, and happily being you.

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