New Moon in Cancer Black Moon Oracle Message

Card Pulled From Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

This new moon in Cancer is all about emotions. What is your emotional state and what are your emotions telling you, what is your relationship with your emotions and what is the effect in your life? This is personal for everyone.

Our oracle message for the new moon in Cancer is Unity. “Be aware of the way your thoughts filter through your heart” (through emotions). Our emotions are sacred and communicate a lot to us. Are your heart, thinking and daily action in alignment with your highest good? Well, how do you feel?

This is the second new moon in Cancer, which is rare. A black moon occurs every few years, when we have a new moon in the same sign twice. The previous new moon last month was a total solar eclipse in Cancer on the solstice. The Universe is really inviting us into emotional wellbeing, but we cannot bypass. If we’ve got unwanted emotions we’ve been stuffing down, or if our relationship with our emotions needs healing in any way, this is likely coming up in some form to first be acknowledged and accepted then healed, released, transmuted.

With Mars in Aries and the Sun moving into Leo, we want to make sure we are honest about our emotions, allowing and expressing how we feel, and that our emotional needs are being satisfied and expressed in a healthy way. If not we can be prone to lashing out, controlling and/or bullying, or shutting off the flow of emotions at the expense of our physical body and overall wellbeing.

Emotions are our guidance system in life and how we feel is so important. If we are suppressing or denying our feelings, that is not unity. It is important to realize that your emotions are communicating to you and learn to listen.

How amazing that we can live in our body, our home for the entirety of this lifetime, yet be so alienated from our own feelings. It is time for us to make peace with our feelings and for a lot of us to have a new beginning where emotional wellness is concerned. Notice nowhere is it said that you have to be happy all the time to experience emotional wellbeing. You are a soul having a human experience and you are here to experience fully. Perhaps unification within + aligned daily action/living is emotional wellbeing. What does emotional wellbeing mean to you? This is a good time to get clear on or rethink your answer. However you feel inside- honor your feelings and know that you are lovable and good enough/worthy no matter your emotional state.

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