New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer Solstice Oracle Message

Card pulled from Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*EDIT* Long story short, it’s emotional and highly charged right now. We’re experiencing immense change and the accompanying chaos, confusion and emotions. We need to let go and change. Skip below to the star for oracle guidance.

We have a new moon eclipse on June 20/21 along with the solstice on the 20th, the longest day of the year and beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest night and beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a time of significant change and we are invited to let go of what isn’t for our highest good.

New moons are always significant for new beginnings and setting intentions. This moon is in Cancer, for which the themes are home and family, nurturing, the Divine Feminine, the mother, feelings and emotions, and intuition.

Eclipses are harbingers of change and intense energy. Given that this is a new moon eclipse, that means we have a chance for big change and new beginnings, growth and fresh starts. Of course this also means endings, release and letting go.

Also during an eclipse, the veil between worlds is thinned. This means it’s easier to see and experience beyond the illusion of separation and there is greater influence from and access to other realms. You always have free will, call on higher guidance so you can benefit from this.

The thinning of the veil is also associated with the winter and summer solstice. Couple that with the eclipse and the veil is certainly thin. With the veil being thin, this is a time when souls who are ready to transition might choose to leave this life, since it can be easier for them to pass on.

The energy of the summer solstice is that of high energy, expressing yourself, sharing your gifts and light with the world, enjoying bounty and abundance and soaking up the energy of the sun. The energy of the winter solstice is that of stillness, going within, exploring your internal world and shadow work, listening and resting. You can tap into either of these energies, it doesn’t matter if you live where it is winter or summer. The summer and winter solstice happen simultaneously on different sides of the world. The energetic connection is within. Magnify that with the eclipse, and the experience of these energies is amplified. You may even find that you resonate with winter more one moment then suddenly shift into summer. Or vice versa. Or feel the influence simultaneously. You may feel anxious and confused or resisting the transformation and energy at hand. That is the power of this eclipse. Intense, rapid, deep, significant change. With another eclipse to follow in two weeks.

Keeping in mind the influence of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus all retrograde, with Neptune soon also retrograde (on the 23rd) followed by Venus going direct (on the 25th), here is our oracle message to help us navigate the current eclipse energy.

⭐️Angel Lahabiel & Black Tourmaline – Purification

“We bring you the gift of purification. This is your chance to let go of what you no longer wish to hold… If there is any fear within at the prospect of releasing something from your life, be reassured…

You need to release something that isn’t serving you. It could be anything from a relationship to a belief system, a physical toxin that has become stuck in your body or an emotional block preventing you from taking the next step on your life path. It may even be physical possessions that don’t mean as much to you as they once did that could be given away… This creates space for you to receive what is meaningful instead…

Trust in what is happening in your life, including the people, places or things that seem to be slipping from your grasp. Holding tighter is not the best strategy here… You will not be forced, but you will be asked to hand over what the Divine knows is not right for you… It is safe to let go. It helps you receive…

And yet still, you have every right to do so in your own time… Purification happens more deeply when there is relaxation and surrender into the process… you are blessed with protection and intervention to be free from harmful situations and substances now. Follow your hunches and let life provide you with what you most need.”

So what are you being called to let go of and what are you being called in to?

This energy applies to the collective experience equally as much as the individual experience.

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