Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Oracle Message

Card Pulled from Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams

*take care of your nervous system*

“Self-sacrifice is not denying your needs, but rather the Self’s decision to willingly sacrifice limitation through action.”

We are asked to give up our blocks and limitations. We have all been going through so much. Now is a time of great change. Naturally things that have been in place for so long need to give way so change can happen. This could be a way of life, a belief, a law, a way of thinking or behaving- whatever isn’t working for the highest good must be transmuted and transformed. Shadow work is called for and happening now. We must be willing to look at the parts of ourselves and our systems we do not like and acknowledge how they affect us, so they can be healed and transformed. This is a process that can be uncomfortable, scary and chaotic, and we can’t expect it to happen overnight. Though with all the work we’ve been doing to grow, heal and ascend, it might seem like it for some of us. As above, so below. Use this time to your advantage. Break free of what holds you back. The eclipse supports you.

Keep in mind that with change there are steps. The first change might just be the first step to more change. You let go, something new takes place, but sometimes there’s an in-between phase of figuring out the replacement. We are learning to understand. It’s ok to not know it all right away. That’s part of the journey. Luckily, we have four more eclipses by the end of the year along with continued retrogrades to help us figure it out. Again this is a step that may need to be reworked given the shift and awakening we are experiencing, it’s just important to begin the first steps so we can learn and work towards a new way of life with more balance and understanding.

“Your shadow is always ready to be sacrificed. If you have learned from dancing with the darkness of ignorance, you will learn what is no longer sacred in your life. Then the sacrifice becomes your truth… In all instances, you are being asked to give up something in order to stand in the truth of your convictions.”

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