June Oracle Message

Card pulled from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

This month we have 2 eclipses and 5 planets in retrograde.

[Mercury and Neptune go retrograde; Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde; and Venus is retrograde-going direct.]

The energy this month is that of high emotions, confusion, sadness, uncertainty and wanting to change for the better amidst this. Kind of like trying to build a new building in the same place before the dust of the recent demolition has settled and been cleared. No shame in experiencing these feelings. The message to help us navigate these times is to access stillness within rather than focus on the outside world and try to force our will. Find consistent peace and stillness within before reacting and creating from tumult. How do you personally cleanse, rest and rejuvenate before the next phase you want to experience? Honor yourself and do that.

🌿STILLNESS- calm amidst chaos🌿

“At any given moment, you can access the calm, the quiet and the sweetness that lies within you. Even amidst what can feel like a constant overflow of intensity and overstimulation, there is a place of rest and rejuvenation within. This is your place. The frog may choose to be carried away by fast moving waters, knowing it will arrive safely at its next destination… when it hears it’s body’s need to be still it can rest upon the lily pads, watching and allowing the rapid waters to rush by, knowing that this too shall pass… it is now imperative for you to sit in stillness. Find some quiet and slow your mind. If you wish to win the race, take this interval to gather and rebuild strength. You will be moving towards your heart’s goals and desires soon enough… Be still for now… all will be revealed in divine time.”

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