Gemini New Moon Oracle Message

Card pulled from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

If we want to manifest something or start something new right now we have to be grounded and able to receive and fertile to create. Be grounded within your own self and body, and as a being on planet Earth. This helps with clarity. You may benefit from energy cleansing, grounding, connecting with nature and Mother Earth and working with your ancestors.

Here is the Gemini New Moon oracle message

🌚”Immerse into the depths of the unknown…only to birth a part of self never met before, yet all too recognisable to the soul.

This mandala brings you the aligning energy of the Earth Star Chakra. This magnetic star anchors your universal self, deep within the earth’s core. In addition, this chakra is key in accessing your past lives, understanding your current life and drawing upon the wisdom of your future self. Aligning this chakra is aligning to your inherent, infinite self and that of the collective consciousness, to bring a feeling of wholeness… The Earth Star Chakra mandala also guides you in clearing your energy field on all levels.”

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