Starseed Message and Global Meditation

Link to global meditation Global meditation is today May 21st!

11am pst
2pm est
3am Tokyo
7pm London
9pm Tel Aviv

Pleiadian message for all starseeds during the Pleiadian portal open right now (May 16-24). Earth is receiving extra loving energy now from Pleiades to assist in the ascension and wellbeing of the whole planet. Here is your star family message~

Card pulled from Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie

💫 💫💫💫💫💫💫

Your dreams are important, both sleeping and waking dreams. While you sleep, you can receive messages and downloads in your dreams. Pay attention to what your dreams are telling you. Your waking dreams, as in goals and desires that come from the heart, are also important- they are part of your soul’s mission and learning on Earth. Listen to your heart and don’t let anybody talk down your dreams. We each have our own special talents and natural proclivities, for a reason. It’s ok that your dreams are unique to you (which also means not everyone will understand, again that’s ok).

“Believe in yourself and reach for the stars! You have the courage, patience and passion within you to make a difference. When you have a dream, only you have the responsibility to make it real… Never compromise or surrender your dreams. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams!”

Mantra: “I believe in following my dreams.”

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