Retrograde Season Oracle Message

Oracle card pulled from the Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware
Exact dates may vary by location

This message is for the first part of retrograde season💫

This retrograde period we are given a message to pay attention to the alignment of our heart and mind. Is your mind in alignment with the will of your heart? Where do you try to talk yourself out of or into things based on the logic or fear in your mind? Our heart has unique intelligence that is always aligned with our soul purpose, yet we are tempted to disregard it because of our ego/mind. Science is confirming that which we already feel and know with our hearts. Let go of the need for an explanation for everything and explore the feelings in your heart. Your heart will heed the logic of your mind, but your heart knows best and will always guide you to your highest good. Listen to your heart.

How do you listen to your heart? By paying attention, participating in life, and acknowledging and exploring your feelings about things- your feelings are your emotional guidance system.

🧿Here is the message from the cards:

“This card graces you with the healing energy of unity. This mandala speaks directly to the diamond core at your centre, of the oneness you are. The element of air within this mandala is a reminder of all that cannot be seen, grasped or tamed. Air is the only element that is invisible, however it can absolutely be felt, just as we cannot see the effect our thoughts have until they impact and manifest in the physical world. Air represents logic, clarity, disposition and spirit as well as the blending and unity of the heart and mind. Consciousness is key with this element. Be aware of the way your thoughts filter through your heart…

Each and everything reflects each other. However, you can recognise your own reflection when you find yourself becoming reactive. When a reflection becomes challenging, see it as a loving teacher who is offering you an opportunity to grow. Release expectations of self and those you have placed upon others. Feel the presence of unity rise once again within your heart.”

P.S. So many planets in retrograde can lead to feeling tired. Go easy on yourself while your soul integrates all you are experiencing and working through.

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