Oracle Messages for the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius

Cards pulled from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

This is a collective message for the shift of the moon’s nodes into Gemini and Sagittarius. The north node of the moon is in Gemini, the south node in Sagittarius, from May 5 through January 2022.

The message for the moon’s nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius is that we will be getting clear on our truth at our core, and then we are asked to choose to create and live that truth everyday. Choose again and again. But be open minded. When new information and knowledge is received, including darkness illuminated, integrate it and reevaluate your truth- and choose again everyday to create your reality as you truly desire based on truth and your values. This will be an ongoing theme through January of 2022. We are graced with the messages of “New Moon” and “Sun God”.

“Breathing in the energy of the new moon can move you to a place of detachment thus creating clarity and the ability to see new possibilities. The new moon is a sacred time that we can honour by going within and evaluating our life choices. Ask yourself what you need to do to bring your dreams into your reality?

The two crescent moons placed on either side of the flower in this mandala are balanced. One crescent moon is facing inwards, the other is facing outwards as a direct reflection of your inner and outer worlds. Finding your balance within will thus bring balance without. Furthermore, this mandala indicates that from contemplation and intention setting, one must engage in action. Choose to be the creator of your own world.”

From the wisdom we find in “New Moon” our potential is that of the “Sun God”

“This mandala holds the powerful energies of Ra, the Sun God, and all he represents. The energy of vitality, strength, power and confidence delivered via the golden ray brings a renewing life force and a new light to all the shadows that have crept into your world.

Rise again child of light as the dawn of the new day is with you… Each day, as you are born anew, the great sun lives within you. During the dark hours, when the sun gives way to his love, the moon, he travels within the underworld to bring light to all that appears dark. It is a journey that could only be inspired by love.”

‘The time of ascension has come for you, bask in the brilliance of the sun rays and feel your life reignite. Rejoice in the celebration of you!’ -Ra, Sun God

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