May Oracle Message

Here is a collective message for the month of May. Call on this message for inspiration any time you feel need.

Card message pulled from Mystical Wisdom oracle deck by Gaye Guthrie with art by Josephine Wall

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

“The dolphin has the spiritual ability to uplift your spirits with its friendly, playful nature. Escape from the stress of life by being more relaxed and doing more of what you enjoy. Pursue your creative passions and use your energy in a more productive way. Try not to worry about issues you have no control over. This worrying can become a habit, so by taking a more relaxed and laid back attitude you can conquer your stress and become more calm and content.”

This month put down your worry and replace it with fun, enjoyment, relaxation. Be willing to trust that everything is going to be ok. Place your cares in the hands of the Divine Mother and invite your inner child to play and create through you. Have fun with this, no need for perfection. Laugh at your mistakes. We’re all learning here.

Mantra: “I love to be playful and let go of worry.”

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