Lionsgate Portal Divination Spread

Here is a reading you can do for yourself if you would like to connect with the energy of the Lionsgate 8/8 Portal happening now. This energy illuminates you from within by activating your third eye and heart chakra. Spiritual connection is naturally heightened at this time. Call on Sirius however feels good to you- as a star, as an energy, as a collective, as Isis, as a dog spirit- whatever makes you feel connected. For number 6, if you don’t identify as a starseed you can replace starseed collective with spiritual team or skip this one or again, anything that feels good to you. The point is to connect with your soul and your higher guidance.

If you don’t have access to your own cards, you can try selecting your cards online for free using this link 👉 You can only choose 3 cards at a time so just take note, refresh and pick again till you have all your cards. Happy Lionsgate!

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