You Are Destined

Card from Find Your Light Inspiration Deck by Sara Burrier

This is a message for anyone who has been feeling confused, afraid or unsure and feeling unable to live from one’s own heart. The message is that you are destined. Whatever is in your heart, you are destined for it.

Divine mind gives you desires for a reason. These desires, when they come from your authentic self, are a way for you to live out and experience your soul’s reason for incarnating. And if you are able to dream and desire something, you are certainly able to experience it. You just have to get of your own way and let the Universe help you and your heart guide you. Even if it isn’t easy or doesn’t happen over night, even if you come across road blocks and detours or challenges, know that you are destined.

Divine mind knows the best way to help you live your destiny. Remember, your destiny is not an end game. The steps you take to get to your goals are just as much a part of your destiny as the actual goals. You have things to learn, heal and experience along the way, both alone and with others. Noticing something that needs healing is an opportunity, not a setback. So that dream in your heart, let yourself dream it and be guided to manifesting it, according to divine timing. It could even get to be easy if that is part of your destiny and belief! Trust your heart and take the steps. If you don’t know what’s in your heart, ask your inner child.

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