September Oracle Message- Letting Go

Card pulled from Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie, art by Josephine Wall

Mantra: “I am ready to free myself from situations that no longer serve me.”

The focus of this month is letting go. September starts off with a full moon in Pisces. At this time we are guided to tune into our hearts to hear the calling of our soul and pay attention to our feelings. By beginning the month in this way we can be better supported in letting go of what is not serving our highest good. This can be an emotional time, it’s ok. If something is not in alignment with your soul, you need to let it go. Yes letting go can be unsettling, but “change is inevitable. It also brings with it newfound freedom and spiritual growth.”

In the days ahead be present and aware of what is not in alignment with your soul’s calling. If you don’t feel in alignment, how can you change that? Mars retrograde starting September 9th is supporting the questioning of and theme of personal alignment. At the new moon in Virgo on the 17th we might feel more grounded to implement change, but to start we have to feel and be aware. The equinox and change in season happens on the 22nd. Change is whispering in the air and you need to let go to change.

Other aspects to be aware of:

Jupiter goes direct September 13th

Saturn goes direct September 29th

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