New Moon in Virgo Oracle Message

Card pulled from Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron Reid, Marcela Lobos, art by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Key words/concepts for Virgo energy: health, healing, embodiment, the body, service, plans, details, physical life, the mind-as being practical, Earth, Goddess, Mercury

New moon in Virgo at this time is calling our attention to our physical world. We’ve had a lot of energy inviting us into our feelings and emotions, now we pay more attention to how we are embodying those feelings and manifesting life situations. Virgo is helping us do the practical things to actually live a new experience. This isn’t going to necessarily happen all at once, though of course it could depending on your level of alignment. More likely we are shifting from dreaming, feeling and noticing, to acting and communicating.

The Holy Mountain wants us to make sure we get it right. Whether we are in alignment or not, we are embodying. Do you want to be the embodiment of pain, confusion and missing out on the possibilities of life? Or do you want to be the embodiment of your Divine spirit living and loving fully, of happiness? “First you must accept the present situation as an opportunity to discover higher understanding.” Meet yourself fully where you are and move from there (if you try to move from a position you aren’t truly in you may get stuck or have to circle back). In our desire to heal and live newly, we can be tempted to bypass what we must go through. Going through and experiencing is part of living, it’s all sacred and part of the journey. Be present and be your best friend, “make a commitment to walk with courage, love, and compassion”, fully accepting what is while consciously creating the ideal.

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