October Oracle Message

Take Steps Toward Positive Change

Card pulled from Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie with art by Josephine Wall

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio mid-month, following a high energy full moon that kicks off the month on the first. In fact, we start and end the month with a full moon. We have just 3 months left of 2020 and the Universe wants us to truly deeply make progress in healing and positive change. And not just change on the surface, deep and penetrating change that requires us to plumb the depths so we can reach new heights and gradually build a better foundation. All year long we’ve been guided and supported and forced to change. We can’t rush through this change, there are levels to experience. We are in fact transitioning from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Now is the time and we are the ones. We really need to witness the shadow from a place of love so we can change and create from a higher perspective.

Experiencing such big change and witnessing pain and darkness that has been hidden and pushed aside can be jarring and tough to navigate. But we must navigate. We can’t hide and freeze in fear, depression or anger. We have to feel the feelings and move through them. If you need help, ask for it, reach out. “When you have feelings of gloom and inadequacy, you need to recognize this as a temporary situation. Feelings of sadness and negative thoughts can immobilize you and only you can change this… Know that the magic of the universe and the angels are there to support and guide you. Gather your courage and rise to meet your challenges.”

Allow yourself the time and space to grieve and experience the shadow, but do not wallow. We are healing and growing, we are not victims. Take steps daily on the path of acceptance and positive change. Remember now that the veil between worlds is thin. You have easier access to guidance from your angels, guides and ancestors. You are loved and you are never alone.

Happenings to Note:

October 1st- Full moon in Aries

October 4th- Pluto Direct

October 13th- Mercury Rx in Scorpio

October 16th- New Moon in Libra

October 22- Sun enters Scorpio

October 31st- Full Moon in Taurus

Mars Rx in Aries (-Nov 14)

Chiron Rx in Aries (-Dec 15)

Neptune Rx in Pisces (-Nov 28)

Uranus Rx in Taurus (-Jan 14 2021)

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