New Moon in Libra Oracle Message

Card pulled from Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos, art by Jena DellaGrottaglia

Everything we’ve been going through this year (and even before), and the expanded person we are each becoming is beckoning us to step up and step in to expansion. There’s so much that needs to change and woah can it be a challenge to let go and let it happen.

We have to experience change if we want to experience balance and harmony. The imbalances in our lives won’t simply go away by ignoring them and doing the same thing we always have because it’s known. We have to witness the causes of disharmony and take loving action to effect change. We have been witnessing and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to actually take new steps and plan new steps. Even if you feel you can’t take physical action you can conduct yourself as the person you are becoming who is living your highest ideal. It is safe to explore all parts of yourself so that you can live from a place of authenticity and true self-knowledge.

“Jaguar calls you to explore beyond the walls that confine you, to go outside your normal routine, to push your limits and boundaries. She is delivering an invitation from your own future to investigate the unknown, to venture into the mystery…”

Release the past and release attachment to and fixation on outcomes. How can you experience harmony right here and right now? You are the one you’ve been waiting for and you have the capability to be at peace and fulfilled in every moment. Trust the process of life to guide you and provide you with all that you need.

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