November Oracle Message

The Impossible Made Possible

Card pulled from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Rassouli

“We only limit what we believe to be possible by our lack of imagination… Is there any limit to the resources of the heavens? No! So then, why has not every impossible dream now been rendered possible, made manifest in shining glory upon the earth? The human heart knows everything envisioned can manifest according to divine timing and grace. Yet the mind does quake with fear, so much so that it will not listen to the heart at times…”

What are the truest dreams and desires that live in your heart? Did you know that it’s actually possible for those to be your reality? Dreams like being happy and fulfilled, feeling safe, loving and being loved, knowing your worth and sharing your gifts, enjoying all the abundance you could even imagine and more. Yes those dreams of a peaceful society are possible too, starting with you and the belief in your heart.

So many times we won’t even begin to witness our true desires because we don’t believe they are possible or don’t know the way, and who can bear the disappointment, struggle or failure. So we bear the disappointment and ache of a fearful and unfulfilled life without even trying. Or we latch on so hard to a specific outcome, form and time (like right here right now like this or never). Latching on or not imagining is letting fear drive. It’s time to have faith in a truer life for yourself. The impossible will be made possible by your continued belief, investment and energy given towards the pure desires of your heart.

Start trusting in your dreams and taking the necessary steps to make them your reality. Belief and faith is a good first step to take and one to practice every moment. Remember that divine timing does play a part and sometimes there are things our soul needs to experience and learn in order to grow and be able to live in and accept our manifested desires. We don’t always know the entire play book but we can know the next right step by tuning in to our hearts. Sometimes part of the process is not knowing, just being with your feelings, trusting and allowing the process of life to unfold. Often part of the process is going into the unknown and moving through the accompanied discomfort and uncertainty. Even if you can’t have everything exactly how you want it right now, can you put %100 continued belief in your ‘impossible’ dreams becoming possible? If you do, the Universe will respond with loving support. When you take one step towards God, God takes ten steps towards you.

Happenings to note:

Mercury direct- Nov 3rd

Mars direct- Nov 13th

New Moon in Scorpio- Nov 15th

Sun moves into Sagittarius- Nov 21st

Neptune direct- Nov 28th

Full Moon eclipse in Gemini- Nov 30th

Chiron Rx in Aries (-Dec 15th)

Uranus Rx in Taurus (-Jan 14th 2021)

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