New Moon in Scorpio Oracle Message

Cards pulled from Mystical Shaman Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, art by Jena DellaGrottaglia

“Owl guards against self-deception and insists that your motives be clear and transparent…” Where might have we been lying to ourselves or not wanting to see the truth of something? We need to be honest, at the very least with our own self. Scorpio is about deep topics we would rather keep hidden and not acknowledge or talk about, including emotions. Scorpio is also about rebirth through experiencing these depths.

There is opportunity in front of us that we might miss if we aren’t willing to witness our truths, so that we can see with clarity and receive Divine guidance with clarity. We have to be willing to experience what is going on, even if it is uncomfortable or scary. Once we do, we get to begin a new journey, a new way of being. Facing what you’ve been trying to sweep under the rug is the beginning of the journey.

Even if we don’t have a plan or don’t yet recognise opportunity, it is here. We are each asked to witness ourself so we can live in alignment and harmony with our truth.

Take a leap of faith, whatever that personally looks like for you. “There are no maps to the territory you will be exploring… Do not linger in the port when distant shores are calling…” Be willing to do what your soul needs. If you experience setbacks, trust that there is a Divine reason. In experiencing our depths and taking steps to live truthfully, we might experience challenges. Coyote says this is so that we can be sure we have learned and grown, and that we are able to handle the new steps in our journey. If we are honest with ourselves, we can see challenges for what they are and trust that we are always Divinely guided. The Corn card symbolizes material abundance and security. The Universe has our back on this journey and rewards our faith and willingness.

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