Affirmation for Thanksgiving and Holiday Eating

Louise Hay says, “as we release toxic thoughts from our minds, our bodies respond by creating wellness and beauty.”

“My mind and my body are balanced and in tune. I achieve and maintain my perfect weight easily and effortlessly. I am in tip top shape… I take loving care of my body, I eat healthful foods, I drink healthful beverages, my body responds by being in tip top shape all the time.”

The above is from 101 Power Thoughts by Louise Hay. You can listen to the audiobook on YouTube. Check it out for yourself and see what affirmations click for you! I listen often 😉

Be kind to yourself this holiday season. Forgive yourself and encourage yourself often. If you are interested in healthier eating, know that there are healthy and delicious options and methods! You can start with one dish or even just one ingredient. Feeling good about healthier eating doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Plus as you naturally ease into one healthy choice, more and more healthy choices naturally unfold.

A great thing about the rising consciousness of the planet is that there are so many easy and healthy AND delicious food options in the grocery stores! So whether you want to cook from scratch or just pop something frozen in the oven, you’ve got choices. *Tip* Remember to check ingredient labels. Some foods advertise natural and healthy but actually have quite a few questionable ingredients. Often (but not always) the less amount of ingredients and the more ingredients that you actually know what they are, the better 🙂 I am not a nutritionist by any means, just a girl who enjoys yummy, healthy, abundant eating. Happy Holidays!

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