Weekly Affirmation 11/29-12/5

Card pulled from Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

“My healing is already in process”

“My willingness to forgive begins my healing process. I allow the love from my own heart to wash through me, cleansing and healing every part of my body. I know I am worth healing.”

Your healing is always happening. Your soul and the Universe want you to feel healed and happy and are constantly guiding you. As long as you are on this Earth, you will have things to learn and practice and grow into and as you grow, you and the things you learn evolve. This is healing. Healing isn’t a one and done process. Be a friend to yourself on this life journey. You are worth healing and you deserve happiness in all ways.

Often, we really need to forgive ourself. As we grow up we are taught that we are only loveable and worthy if we are good or follow certain standards and rules that please others. This can cause us to feel never good enough, anger at ourself and the world, and lead to a rejection of our true self. Be willing to acknowledge and let go of all grievance, and let the intelligence of your heart flow love and forgiveness all throughout your body and psyche. It’s ok to cry it out as often as you need and it’s ok to feel joyful, peaceful, optimistic as it arises. Remember, you can ask the Universe/God/Your Guides to help you forgive and even to help you be willing to forgive.

Card pulled from Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

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