Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini Oracle Message

Card pulled from Divine Feminine Oracle by Megan Watterson, art by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

“Playfulness is a spiritual power. Laughter leads me back to the light.”

Our message for this full moon is that being playful in life and about our desires leads to liberation, transformation, and the enjoyment of our desires fulfilled.

The moon’s nodes are currently in Gemini and Sagittarius until early 2022. Given that this full moon eclipse is in Gemini and the following new moon eclipse is in Sagittarius, along with other planetary alignments this month, this is a good time to ride this energy into lasting change. Check out the oracle message for the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius here if you like.

This full moon and eclipse cycle supports us in the culmination of one way of thinking into another. A new way of seeing ourself and life, and therefore a new way of being and acting, new goals and priorities, or a new attitude about all of this. Expect to have new or deciding conversations about these changes, new ideas, and new ways of thinking. New information and conversations can lead to or enhance a renewed personal path. The biggest change in perception is that many of us will finally feel able to lighten up and to trust Life, at least this is the invitation.

“Lalita represents the spontaneity that graces a heavy moment and reminds us that joy is a powerful spiritual practice… She’s the consciousness that comes when we get so caught up in taking ourselves seriously that we forget the (profound) simple pleasures like sunlight on our face… we don’t have to take everything, especially ourselves, so seriously. We don’t have to be perfect, or know the right mudras, or yoga poses, or chant for hours on end. What’s divine is inherent in us; it’s remembered, not learned.”

“Answers arrive from disengaging with the energy that created the problem or question to begin with… The secret to desire is holding it lightly… we can trust that what the soul craves is and always has been ours. This is the levity that sparks a shift, a change, an expansion…”

Start seeing yourself as the person enjoying your desires fulfilled (even if they aren’t %100 yet). Ask yourself- “How can I add more playfulness to my life right now?” Playfulness can be as simple as letting yourself laugh at a joke or quirk, or singing and dancing, watching or sharing something funny, reading in character to a child (or yourself). You can even do something fun in your routine spiritual practice if you don’t already, and dedicate your joy if you want.

*If you’re interested in more information about Lalita, you can look into the Lalita Sahasranamam. This is the scripture dedicated to Lalita which is a list of her 1,000 names. It is said that saying this out loud with devotion will cause all your desires to be fulfilled.

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