Affirmation for December

Card pulled from Find Your Light Inspiration Deck by Sara Burrier

“I am Worthy”

“Without question I am trusting my purpose and my heart, that I am worthy of being in this moment. I have been given the gift of stardust and the heavens.”

Do you feel like you to have to achieve something or behave a certain way in order to be worthy? Do you know that you are worthy of the greatest good just because you are alive? Exactly as you are right now, you are worthy.

When we don’t feel worthy, we can subconsciously (or consciously) block ourself from receiving good. We might self-sabotage and seek to punish ourself. If you don’t feel worthy, ask yourself by whose standards. Ask yourself what you need to change in order to be worthy- the answer is absolutely nothing. Now find something you genuinely love about yourself, focus on that feeling anytime and let it grow and expand.

Love yourself exactly as you are right now and know that worthiness is a birthright to all souls. We all incarnate to learn and experience, and each of our journeys is equally beautiful and acceptable. You deserve to be happy and feel love. Does a baby need to do anything to be worthy of love? No, and neither do you.

If you’ve been having trouble healing, manifesting or creating something, it’s possible you feel you aren’t good enough or don’t deserve. Practice loving yourself and be open to receiving, even if you don’t feel good enough. Your soul knows you are worthy.

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