December Oracle Message

Card pulled from Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie, art by Josephine Wall

“You were born to succeed…”

Whatever the truest version of success is to you in your heart, you are meant to succeed and enjoy your success. What’s important right now is to trust that success is yours, guaranteed, even if not immediate. Life loves you. You are always guided to live your highest good. Trust and surrender the how.

Forget what you may have been conditioned to want or think is possible. There is no limit to the good you can experience. It doesn’t matter what happened before in your family or even in the world, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says is possible- you get to create and walk your own path. So, if you know that success is yours guaranteed, what do you dream of?

The astrology this month is powerful and can help us with lasting change. We are in the dawning of a new age and creating a new way of living. There is no need to follow past examples or be confined by past limited viewpoints. Connect with your heart so you can be clear on your true desires, and %100 trust that the Universe is helping you and will provide for you. Follow your guidance from there. The true desires in your heart are a pathway and are meant to be fulfilled. As the affirmation for December says, you are worthy.

“Mantra: Love…without fear, Trust…without wondering. Love… without restriction, Love…without demands. I AM WORTH IT.”

Happenings to note:

12/12- 1212 Portal

12/14- New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius

12/15- Chiron direct in Aries

12/21- Solstice, Jupiter/Saturn align in Aquarius, Sun moves into Capricorn

12/29- Full Moon in Cancer

Uranus Rx in Taurus (-Jan 14th 2021)

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