New Moon Oracle Message- New Moon in Pisces

Affirmation: I have beautiful, healthy and harmonious relationships in my life. I honor these relationships. We contribute to the world we wish to create.

Cards from Angel Guide Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

This is the last new moon of the astrological year and we get to close out the cycle with a dreamy and emotional energy of new beginnings (and with new beginnings sometimes comes endings). This can apply to you in different ways- maybe your emotions are feeling intense, maybe you’re feeling dreamy and inspired, or scattered and unfocused, or overwhelmed and trying to suppress feelings, or all the above and more depending on the time of day. Our message from the cards is to bring awareness to our relationships and our attachments.

We have all experienced tremendous change, especially in the ways we socialise and interact with each other. Our world changed quite quickly and dramatically, and with that our opinions and ways of coping came out. New conversations have been happening and viewpoints expressed. Mental and emotional health has become a more widely discussed topic and some of us are more comfortable expressing and feeling, while some of us not. Some of us want to wear masks and some of us don’t. All of this can certainly affect our friendships, romantic partnerships, family relationships, work relationships, and of course our feelings within and how we choose to respond. How has this been occurring for you? How would you like it to be going forward?

We are encouraged to nurture the relationships and situations that support our soul and wellbeing, and the person we are and aim to be. How can you add more love and connection? How can you foster growth? On the flip side we are also encouraged to let go of any relationships or situations that do not light us up and support our vision, and where we in turn don’t provide that support. Can the situation/relationship be looked at in a new way? Pay attention to where you feel safe, loved, inspired, and supported and be aware of how you can amplify that energy.

We can choose not to give energy to connections in which we feel we have to defend or explain. We can let go of relationships we have grown apart from and allow transformation to occur. We can also let go of any negative expectations and allow room for people to grow and situations to change. We can allow space for the Divine to help by expecting and trusting that the Divine is always helping bring about the most beautiful outcome for all. You can call on Archangel Michael to help you release attachments and cut cords.

“In spirituality, ‘cords’ are the energetic bonds that connect us to a situation, person, or place…” and “…can have a negative and draining effect upon us. We can also create a negative cord when we have an expectation of the outcome of a situation… So, this is an important time for you to release any attachments to people, places, situations, outcomes, or anything else that could be limiting your experience of joy.”

“If you have felt disconnected or out of place for some time, know that you are moving into a far more supportive and joyful space now. Your angel guide is encouraging you to connect deeply with those you trust most… Don’t concern yourself about any relationships or friendships that have been fading into the background… your vibration and energy will attract friends with whom you can be yourself and who can mirror back to you who you are… invite your angels to assist you in making connections with those who can share and receive in a loving, balanced way.”

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