April Oracle Message

Affirmation: I love all of me, including my shadow. I honor and embrace who I am and allow others to do the same. It is safe to participate in life.

Card from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

“The owl within this mandala is a starlight being who appears to those longing to understand and utilise their gifts at a deeper level… This mandala comes as a reminder that you are a beacon of light amongst the darkness- a darkness that is only seeking to be loved.
This mandala also speaks of the transition you are currently experiencing… You are opening to a deeper level of yourself… It is safe for you to experience the visions, feelings and knowing that accompanies your new altitude. The world is in a great time whereby the mind’s eye is framing a new perspective on creation- blending and uniting higher sight with the window of one’s heart. As you begin to live through your new vision, you will create a world that you have only dreamt of thus far.”

Have you been noticing alot of stuff come up? Are you being triggered, or keep experiencing the same thing, or something you thought you had dealt with? Maybe you’ve been experiencing things amplified where something that used to be a minor occurrence or easily suppressed simply cannot be ignored anymore. You are not losing it or being overly emotional, you are not doing anything wrong and you are not alone. Things are coming up to be cleared and as you choose to respond differently, in so doing breaking patterns and potentially practicing your gifts, you are ascending and growing.

There is plenty of talk of the acceleration and clearing of karma. This is because it is happening right now at a monumental level. The Earth is raising her frequency and we must also in order to exist within her being, or to create Heaven on Earth, or to ascend, are other ways of looking at it. We are living in a time that has been prophesied by various sources throughout time. If you are alive on the planet right now, you chose to be here and be a part of this (crazy as that might sound!). Every choice we make either moves us closer to or further away from the New Earth. Its important to notice where you feel like a victim. Claim your power as a creator of the New Earth and have faith in your vision. Let yourself lead by example and notice when you are needing validation or for other people’s opinions to change in order to accommodate you. If it feels right to you, let that be your validation and keep on your path. A changing world might not always agree and that is ok. We each need to be allowed our own experiences. In this new world, the best contribution is to be your full self and express that in the world, for the joy and fulfillment it gives you. Others will naturally benefit. When we all live like this we all win.

With everything that is coming up, you might also notice that you feel easier on yourself about how you experience it all. It’s easier to recover, learn and forgive. The previously unwanted and denied parts of Self and of life are easier to love and feel compassion for. If this is not your experience yet, it will be, there is increasing collective energy supporting and encouraging you. Consider loving the parts of yourself that you want to change. Rather than criticising yourself when you act out or react, look at how you can meet your needs that aren’t being met, instead of trying to force yourself to be something you’re not. We all have our personalities, preferences, and tendencies for a reason. When we honor our unique Self, this helps us to know and practice our gifts in everyday life and to contribute to this new way of living being birthed on the planet.

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