Affirmations for October

My day begins and ends with self-love and appreciation.” No matter what you are experiencing right now, take a few moments each day before you get out of bed and before you drift to sleep, to think kind thoughts to yourself and be supportive of yourself. If you feel at odds with or afraid of life, you are not alone- these are challenging times of change and ascension. You can think loving and encouraging thoughts that will support a helpful outlook throughout the day. Being kind to yourself and thinking nurturing thoughts just before bed can also make it easier to start with loving thoughts in the morning. The more you do this for even a short time, the more natural thinking nurturing thoughts will be and it will be easier to be a friend and ally to yourself during trying times.

Affirmation Cards from How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay

“I know inwardly what is right for me… I support myself in making the right choices for me… I am incredibly capable.” Only you know in your heart what is most true to you and your unique path, and you are capable of walking that path. We are each being asked to walk our truest paths. If we are not, we can sense where changes and adjustments need to be made, and the Universe is supporting us in making those changes. This can include changes to the way we eat, think, work, relate, conduct ourselves in daily life, and anything you can think of. Are the choices you’re making and is the life you’re living reflecting what you know is right and true for you? You are incredibly capable.

“I accept all that I have created for myself- my past and my present. I am willing to allow my future to happen.” When we can make peace with where we are and what we have allowed and created for ourselves up to this point, that acceptance opens up space for inspiration and change. It can feel counterintuitive to accept something if it is unwanted, but try it, just in your mental and emotional space. This doesn’t mean you have to allow it to remain in your reality forever. When we can stop pushing against, we can really see. And when we can really see, we have clarity. (Sounds obvious, right?) Then we can move forward and create with more awareness and greater vision. If you are happy with what you have created for yourself, own that. Knowing that you are worthy and deserving and a powerful creator invites even more good into your life.

I choose a bright future now. The moment I start to change, the moment I am willing to bring good into my life, the Universe responds in kind… I attract whatever I need to help me… I open myself to all good.” You can choose a bright future right now. Be present in the current moment and be willing to act on inspiration and the calling of your heart. It is more than ok to dream and take the steps to make your dreams come true- it is neccessary for a fulfilling life. You have the opportunity to be changed and practice new choices and responses in real time. Showing up differently to what has been is change. Being the you that Life has helped you grow into is change. Following your dreams and listening to your heart can mean change. Change is certainly not always easy, it can be outright scary and uncomfortable. We are changing and the world is changing. Remember you are never alone and you can ask your angels and guides to help you move through change with courage and an open heart. In the words of Louise Hay, “I am safe, it’s only change”. Click the link to listen to a recording of the song, “Doors Closing, Doors Opening” on YouTube from Songs of Affirmation by Louise Hay and Joshua Leed.

There is alot of energetic change this month with multiple planets going direct after a significant period of retrograde. Be kind to yourself and mindful that whatever you’re going through, someone else is likely going through their own version too.

Happenings to note:
New Moon in Libra: October 6th
Full Moon in Aries: October 20th             
Pluto direct: October 6th
Saturn direct: October 11th
Jupiter direct: October 18th
Mercury direct: October 18th
Neptune Retrograde: -December 10th

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