Learning and Healing Opportunities: 2 Free, 2 Priced

Hello lovely souls. I want to share these spiritual opportunities with you. I hope to see you at any of them!
Well, the Trauma Super Conference is pre-recorded but I hope we can share the same healing and learning energy together!  I am participating in the paid opportunities and highly recommend working with Michael Stone and the Well of Light if you are consciously on a spiritual, healing, awakening journey (because we all are even when we don’t actively realise it!). See if any of these opportunities below interest you!

Trauma Super Conference December 3-9 https://traumasuperconference.com/?cookieUUID=d51bc271-1cdc-4dc7-8b86-d1cee3f9bf44&cookieUUID=ca70e0a9-bb68-4f96-8bea-16d92b7ea6ef&affiliate=637

Emotional Reparenting & Meditation Retreat December 4-5 9am-3pm Pacific
A Trauma Informed Approach to Personal and Cultural Awakening
A new online program with Michael Stone

Astrological Awakenings with Debra Silverman December 6-17

STARTS TUESDAY-$150 monthly
(6 month program)
Advanced Mystics Program: WE Community Healing & Leadership Program
December 7th, 2021 – June 7th, 2022
Tuesdays, 8:00am – 9:30am Pacific
Advanced Mystics Program (AMP) is a comprehensive, 6-month, community immersion and integration program designed to explore and learn from both the mystical traditions and contemporary science. We will be exploring personal, relational, and community awakening and healing, leading towards the emergent and interconnected future that is urgently calling from life itself.

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