Gemini Archetype – I Think

Gemini Season Dates: ~21 May-20 June

Gemini keywords/concepts/phrases: thinking, thought, the mind, intellect, duality, ideas, mental stimulation, internet, teaching, learning, study, information, quick thinking, communication, language, speaking, sharing information, gossip, writing, words, story telling, talkative, entertaining, social, relationships, siblings, friendships, curious, inquisitive, mercurial, fickle, moody, superficial, duplicitous, charismatic, charming, flirtatious, playful, witty, creative, easily bored, arms & hands

Gemini season is the transition from the end of Spring into the beginning of Summer.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, ruled by Mercury and symbolised by twins. The definition of mutable is changeable, or prone to change. The element of air relates to thinking and movement, and movement can also mean change. Gemini being a mutable air sign makes the Gemini archetype easily adaptable and prone to change, especially changing thoughts and ideas. When we can change the way we think, we can change the way we relate and we can see things from a different point of view. This can be seen as a good thing when Gemini is witty, playful, and smart, and can easily adapt and flow with varied people, situations, and personalities. This can be seen as a detriment when Gemini easily changes its mind and appears fickle or having an unsure sense of self. The constant for Gemini is that it is always thinking.

Mercury, the planet that rules over Gemini, is considered the messenger of the gods. Mercury has to do with communication, transportation, and our mind and thought processes. Gemini can be considered mercurial because of its easily changing and readily thinking mind. With so much data and input constantly flowing through the world, of course the mind could be influenced and affected. On the same note, Gemini is also good at influencing and inspiring. We can also be mindful that we have a say in what we give our attention, thoughts, and words to. We can choose to direct our focus. Gemini loves to take in and disseminate information, whether that be literature and knowledge or gossip and stories. The point of focus can change depending on what is currently inspiring the Gemini mind. Gemini is always employing the mind and can easily adapt to employ the mind for creative endeavors, learning, teaching, communicating, socialising, flirting, and whatever arises- which contributes to Gemini’s charisma. However, Gemini gets bored easily and may not stay on one topic or with one person for long. The shadow side of a quick thinking and active mind is nervousness, being flighty, and anxiety.

Gemini means twins in Latin. Twins symbolising Gemini represents the nature of the Gemini mind, which is changeable depending on the flow and exchange of ideas and information. This can be the flow and exchange of ideas and communication between Gemini and the external world, as well as within the mind of Gemini itself considering the many different perspectives, questions, and myriad of information it has encountered. Consider this in contrast with Taurus energy which is stable and enduring regardless of the influence.

Air signs are associated with thought and thinking, and are able to detach emotionally. Gemini as an air sign is able to take in information from many perspectives, and from a detached perspective. Being able to see multiple perspectives and take in a lot of information is a gift that not every archetype has, and a gift that makes great teachers and educators. Another gift is being able to consider many perspectives, and still know what is true for you in your own heart and mind. It is also possible for there to be more than one truth. This is where Gemini can go back and forth in their mind.

Gemini is associated with the third house, the house of communication, the mind, intellect and learning, siblings, our neighborhood and surrounding environment, and short or quick travel. Gemini is associated with friendships and socialising and the Gemini archetype loves to be in relationship. While Gemini can be introverted and/or idolize their own thoughts and creativity, Gemini really loves the stimulation of sharing ideas and meeting new personalities. Gemini especially loves the stimulation of having exciting or interesting conversation with those who can keep up and keep Gemini’s mind interested. Gemini energy can encourage us to take more of an interest or involvement in our community, friendships, and immediate environment.

During Gemini season or under strong Gemini influence we may find ourselves more talkative or impulsive with sharing our thoughts. We may want to socialise more. Our minds could be hungry for stimulation and it could be a challenge to practice and experience stillness. We all experience Gemini energy in our own way, the core is to notice the nature of your own individual mind and way of thinking, communicating and interacting, and taking in and sharing information. It can be a good time to feed our minds by learning about or studying topics that interest us, as well as for channeling our mental energy into some form of creative expression or innovation, or again just noticing the nature of our minds. We may change our minds alot, especially if our interested minds are consuming or receiving alot of information. We humans can be mental beings and our minds think non stop. But we can’t only live in our heads. Our thoughts contribute to creating our reality, and we also have to live in and experience our reality. It can be beneficial to Gemini energy to focus thoughts with some form of activity- whether that be any type of meditation, journaling, creating something, performing, writing, exchanging thoughts with others, reading, learning, socialising, making up words, or anything else the mind can invent.

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