Taurus Archetype- I Have

Taurus Season Dates: ~20 April – 20 May

Taurus keywords/concepts/phrases:
earth, nature, Gaia, Mother Nature, abundance, beauty, fertility, gardening, springtime, faeries & elementals, money, value, values, material realm, structure, security, possessions, work, stability, routine, schedule, finances in order, practical, stubborn, grounded, repetitive, reliable, strong will, persistent, deliberate, slow and steady, everything in its place, predictable, can be lazy, takes time, loyal, sensual, five senses, being in a body, desire, pleasure, simplicity, comfort, relaxation, familiarity, food and eating, good rhythm, music, neck & throat, singing, slow to anger- but explosive when angered

Taurus is a fixed earth sign represented by a bull and ruled by Venus. Whereas cardinal energy likes to get things started, fixed energy is stable and sustaining, and can be sure to complete, solidify, and follow through to the end with what has been initiated by cardinal energy. Fixed energy does not readily flow with change or endings and prefers to maintain what is. To add to the fixed stability of Taurus energy, the element of earth is solid, stable, and grounding. Earth is nourishing and sustaining, and can also be dense and inert. Earth provides structure and gives form.

Taurus is associated with the 2nd house, the house of the material realm and physical existence, which includes all the senses of being in a human body as well as finances, material possessions, and all that makes us comfortable and gives us pleasure as human beings- in other words what we value. Taurus is also concerned with how we make our money and provide for our livelihood, as well as what we enjoy/value and like to spend our money on. Each individual experiences Taurus energy in their own personal way.

Venus, the sign of love and beauty, ruling over Taurus is what relates Taurus to sensuality and abundance. Taurus wants the best sensory experiences in life. The finest quality is what Taurus enjoys and is willing to work for. Taurus is willing to work for stability and comfort. On one hand, when something needs to be done Taurus does it to completion without complaint, putting emotion and distraction away. On another hand, Taurus gives into laziness and gluttony and would prefer to lounge about like a sumptuous goddess. Another way to look at this hard work and laziness polarity is that the Taurus archetype knows how to work hard and get stuff done when it’s time and/or when Taurus feels like it. Taurus also knows how to relax, rest, enjoy pleasure, and practice and enjoy self-care when the work is done and/or in preparing, maintaining, and replenishing vital energy and mindset. Taurus can be really good at self-care, an essential practice to be highly valued.

As Taurus is connected with Mother Earth and nature, our personal and collective relationship with planet Earth and the land is important when working with Taurus energy. As much as Taurus energy can be materialistic, it has equal capacity for deep spiritual enrichment, fulfillment and enlightment when it works in right relationship with the qualities and conditions of being a human on Earth. Shakyamuni Buddha is associated with the sign of Taurus and it is said that many gurus or spiritual teachers have strong Taurus energy. Taurus having to do with the five senses of the body makes great dancers and yogis.

When thinking of Taurus it can be helpful to remember that times of rest are helpful and beneficial, and neccessary. Times of work can also be necessary and beneficial. Routine and reliability can be stabilising, healing and comforting. However, Taurus can become stagnant when the energy remains the same all of the time. The predictability and reliability of Taurus energy can be refreshing and reassuring in a chaotic world. On the same token, the stubbornness and unmoving nature of Taurus can become rigid and get us stuck in a rut. Overall why not let Taurus enjoy and like what it likes, keeping its creature comforts in place and feeling a sense of safety, comfort and pleasure in life.

Taurus enjoys the pleasures of life, ranging from the simple pleasures of enjoying a good meal and a soft touch upon your skin to the more extravagant pleasures of luxury living and fine material items. Taurus energy can become possessive and like to hoard things to feel full and safe. It’s been said something to the effect that the divine refused to enter physical existence without the promise of pleasure, and that the pleasure that can be experienced in a human body is something special. Or it’s been said that spirit loves incarnating into human flesh because this is the only place in the universe we can experience the senses as we do. I don’t remember the exact detail but the point is that our everyday 5 sensory experience is a sought after gift.

As Taurus is associated with the five senses, experiencing life in a human body is a strong focus when relating to the Taurus archetype. What does it mean to experience life as a human on the most physical level? What makes you feel safe? How do you make your living and earn money, or provide for your human life? What kind of foods do you like to eat and how at home do you feel in your body? Do you take care of your body and eat wholesome, nourishing foods? Are you prone to eating junk food or being lazy? How connected to Mother Earth, her seasons, and the elements do you feel?

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