Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio 2022

Exploring & accepting the truth of our heart

Cards from Oracle of the 7 Energies by Colette Baron-Reid and Jenna DellaGrottaglia

During this eclipse energy, we are invited to take personal inventory of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, inner world, outer world, as well as ask ourselves if we know how to be grateful and feel gratitude. Simply put if you are reading this you are invited to take stock of your heart and whether or not your everyday life and experience and overall goals and desires reflect the truth of your heart. If not, have compassion for yourself as you explore the reasoning behind this and ways to go about realigning with the truth of your heart and soul.

What would it take to make you feel truly grateful? How can you explore your thoughts and frame your experience to feel true gratitude for what is and what you have right now, even if it’s just one aspect of your life that causes you to feel deep happiness or gratitude. No need to put pressure on ourselves to feel grateful for everything when there is challenge or fear, just at least one thing and of course the more the better as long as the feelings of gratitude are genuine and not forced.

Allow time for reassessment, realisation, and acceptance. Don’t expect this inquiry and transformation to be a quick process and experience. As you make realisations and changes, how can you set a system or mini systems and steps in place to allow for the thorough process of true transformation? Allow space for adaption as you change and grow and make new discoveries.

If you think you need this transformation to happen now, right away, imagine giving yourself an entire year or even more to experience deep transformation, create change and a new way of experiencing and being. Transformation is a process, and as cyclical beings of nature, we have to allow ourselves to experience different processes and different levels of change. Though as quantum, multidimensional beings we can of course experience rapid leaps and quick and vast change. Which we have to remember comes as a reflection of what is true for us within.

Explore and know the truth of your heart. Be honest with yourself. Release the hold any feelings of guilt, doubt, fear, or obligation may have over you to make you think you need to or can only feel, be, or act a certain way. Or just honour the feelings that are there and know that a step to change can be accepting and witnessing what is for a moment without trying to change or do anything about it. Even just in the space of your heart, allow the truth of your heart and soul to be known to you. You don’t even have to act on it if you don’t want. But you will be able to choose your actions knowing the truth in your heart, whether you choose to align with that truth or make sacrifice for any reason. You may even have conflicting truths within, allow the conflicting truths to be for now and you just might find that a natural way to bring reconciliation and harmony of your truth occurs.

If you feel ready, it’s a good time let go of any lies or excuses you might tell yourself and pick your desired aim based on what is true and meaningful for you. If anything were possible for you what would you choose? Know that what you choose is possible and keep moving towards that outcome regardless of how long it takes, any obstacles that get in the way, or any growth and experiences you may need to have on the way to your desired possibility becoming your reality. When we let our truth ring true within and decide to come into harmony with our truth, we invite big magic and assistance from the Universe and make space for inspiration and miracles to grace us. We can ask the divine for help with receiving, acceptance, letting go, surrender, transition, and anything else we may need.

We are also put on notice to be aware of the community and company (or lack of) we surround ourselves with. We are interdependent human beings, and we need others to thrive. Not in a controlling, sacrificial, or manipulative way, but in way that allows us to grow and evolve together and become more awakened, conscious, aware, magical, and compassionate beings through our interactions with one another.

Are your friends, family, lovers, work relationships/situations, and any other relationships, arrangements, and experiences in harmony with your soul and the truth of your heart? If not, trust that it is for the highest good of all that these situations and relationships be released and/or changed, or at least our perceptions of these things changed. If something isn’t working, it could be time to let it go rather keep trying to change it into what you want it to be. With release and/or renewed perception comes the freedom for all to be aligned with what is in harmony and resonance with where they are now and where we are growing. How can we attract to us and align with people, communities, and situations that remind us of and show us the magic and beauty possible in life? And of course we can’t change our blood family, but we can choose to give space to those relationships (and any relationships) if neccessary to allow for growth and transformation to occur. There is always the chance for reconciliation when two souls have evolved.

If you are an empath and feel like you feel the weight of the world, remember that as an empath you have access to feel all the possible feelings of the world (as we all do to varying capacities at any time), including the good ones too. How can you start allowing yourself to feel and shift your nervous system to feel good and safe with attuning to the better feeling feelings available in the human experience? Allow and don’t deem wrong the heavier feelings. Honour that they are there and what they might be telling you. Do what you need to process, release and/or transmute them, as well as consider protecting yourself and your boundaries. It could be helpful to be aware of the cause of such feelings and take steps to prevent them from further happening if applicable. We don’t want to deny or run away from feelings, but if there is a clear cause of unwanted feelings and we can do something to change that, we can protect and nurture ourselves. We can also assess if the reason we are feeling something is because we are meant to do something about the situation pertaining to certain feelings. Only our own hearts and body wisdom can tell us each what is true and the right course of action for each of us individually.

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