Hey Starseed, Old Soul

Do you resonate with being an old soul? Maybe you identify as being a starseed? Have you ever wondered; if I am such an old soul, why is life on Earth so hard for me? Haven’t I been here and done this many times before?

Well, maybe and maybe not. It could be that yes, you are an old soul, just not an old Earth soul. Your soul may have spent many lifetimes in other systems of existence, more so than on Earth.
As such, even though you are an old soul, you may be much more familiar and comfortable with your home or other frequency which can make life on Earth feel uncomfortable and at times seemingly unbearable.

Even if you identify as an old Earth soul, life on Earth and our understanding of life and humanity is continuously evolving and changing. Maybe we are just beginning to understand the Great Mystery, and maybe we never will. Maybe we will always be living into the ever unfolding mystery that is life, each moment new and exciting and yet unknown. Unknown until we’re there in real time.

We don’t know everything, we are still learning. But we did all choose to be here on Earth at this momentous time in existence. We all have much to offer, learn, and experience. We can see and feel that life on Earth is changing and we are evolving. We are evolving as humans and as old soul starseeds. We are evolving and expanding right along with the Universe, learning and growing and understanding more by being here, just as much as we are a part of helping Earth and humanity to evolve and grow. It’s all inseparably connected, we’re all inseparably connected.

Trust in your dreams and desires. Trust in your own direct experience and the guidance of your emotions and intuition. Learning from books and other teachers is truly wonderful and beneficial, but it’s also important to keep in mind that when we do that, we are trusting in another’s experience to lead and guide us. Ultimately, it is important for us to have our own direct, embodied, and personal experience of a teaching, or even of something new altogether that may not yet have been explained or rationalised by someone else. Open your heart and mind and let life unfold for you. Be open to experiencing this great experience. Be open to following the wisdom of your heart and soul.

I love to share with you these inspirational thoughts from two great teachers:

“Mysticism or intuition is the mother of science.” -Dr. Vasant Lad, from Textbook of Ayurveda Volume 2.
To me this short statement is a profound thought to ponder.

And from author James Redfield: “Our greatest mistake… is to think that human spirituality is somehow already understood and established. If history tells us anything, it is that human culture and knowledge are constantly evolving… and the great joy of life is in letting go, in finding our own special truth that is ours to tell, and then watching the synchronistic way this truth evolves and takes clearer form, just when it’s needed to impact someone’s life.

Together we are going somewhere… We’re all in the process of awakening and opening up to who we really are, and what we came here to do, which is often a very difficult task. Yet… if we always integrate the best of the traditions we find before us and keep the process in mind, each challenge along the way… can be overcome with a sense of destiny and miracle… each of us in our own way is involved in the solution. If we stay aware and acknowledge the great mystery that is this life, we will see that we have been perfectly placed, in exactly the right position… to make all the difference in the world.” -from Author’s Note in The Tenth Insight

What do you feel you’ve chosen to come here to learn or do this lifetime or even across many lifetimes? What are your repeated thoughts, nudges, and inspirations from your soul and your personal experience of life?

Have you read The Celestine Prophecy or any of its sequels? I highly recommend the series. I love to hear your thoughts or favourite takeaways from The Celestine Prophecy series if you have read them! Reading these books always leaves me feeling so inspired, magical, and excited for life.

How about any favorite teachings or things you’ve learned from Dr. Vasant Lad or the practice of Ayurveda? I love to hear those too!

Happy living and discovering dear fellow soul!

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