Consciousness- Extended Reading

“The influence of the mind in our lives is generally either ridiculous or oppressive… become a master of the mind… use it as the servant it is meant to be… there is a crystal clarity available right now…in the deep stillness that lies at the core of your being… life is nothing but a school in which to learn.”

If you feel overwhelmed by mind chatter, or by trying to understand or figure out something, let go of the mind struggle. That is your ego trying to run the show. Your ego remembers all the bad stuff and operates in fear, keeping you from pursuing and enjoying all the wonderful possibilities of life. There is an inner knowing within you that far surpasses the logic and fear of the egoic mind. Be still and breathe, meditation is highly recommended.

Yes of course meditation is hard when you can’t quiet your mind but that’s the point, to learn and practice how to control your mind and your thoughts. Or do you want to remain a servant to your mind your whole life?

Here’s a tip- instead of trying to quiet your mind, try directing what you think about. Do something while listening to positive affirmations or listening to people talk about what you’re interested in and all the wonderful possibilities of it. Make sure whatever content you choose to listen to is focused on results and positive aspects and makes you feel good thinking about it, not talking about all the things that are wrong or could go wrong.

That to me is mediation, learning to direct your thoughts instead of constantly letting your thoughts direct you. Meditation doesn’t have to be some far out, hard to reach illusion. Change the way you think about meditation. You can direct your thoughts towards higher consciousness. And once you’ve reached that higher consciousness it’s easier to quiet your mind and continue tuning to thoughts of a higher frequency. Since our thoughts create our reality, this is also a key in manifestation and law of attraction.

Tarot excerpt from Osho Zen Tarot

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