Mercury Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius Oracle Message

This February 17th through March 10th Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, finishing in Aquarius. Mercury holds the energy of communication, mental processes, communication, and travel. Pisces holds the energy of water, intuition, emotion, dreams and fantasies. Aquarius is also representative of the mind, free thinking and our highest and humanitarian ideals.

When Mercury is retrograde, we are meant to take a look at things that are in need of our attention. During this Mercury retrograde pay attention to feelings and inclinations you may have been ignoring or suppressing. Instead of continuing on machine-like, create the time and space to pay attention to what your feelings are telling you. If you don’t, Mercury will create the time and space for you. Pay attention to what’s going on inside and out, and instead of cursing or ignoring what is, with an open mind ask why and explore for the answer(s).

Here is the oracle guidance for Mercury retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius. Oracle card and message from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Rassouli:

“Divine contribution is offered to those who wish to contribute to the world. The Great Beloved sees what is in your heart, what it is you wish to offer, and is saying, ‘Yes!’

So, you are being empowered to serve, assist, to offer a genuine spiritual contribution to this planet, to become a sacred hand at work for the will of heaven. Such is the capacity bestowed upon the soul that is wise and filled with love and therefore desiring to serve. So then, do not doubt yourself, beloved…

Yet perhaps this is not easy for you to do. Perhaps you look at the world, even your chosen field of endeavor, and already you hear so many voices speaking… You may wonder if you can really help, if you have anything genuine to add… You may hesitate and become fearful. Do not despair… It is part of your divine destiny to add something of great value to the world, something that has its place even amongst all that activity, something needed absolutely in the hearts of all.

That precious gift is true silence. True silence is peace. It is the living experience of the eternal love of the Divine that asks nothing but to be received and gives of itself unconditionally. That silence is present underneath even the most raucous of noise… The true silence can only be felt through the beautiful, feeling heart. When you know how to feel for it, to surrender into it, you can transmit silence in many ways: through the peace you cultivate in your heart in your own daily living, through your presence, through your art, even through your voice written, sung or spoken. Yes, even through sound if that is your path of service… The true and great silence – as you may now realise my dear angel – is not the absence of sound, it is the experience of the divine presence of love.

So, shall you trust in the wisdom of the master who bids you to serve, to serve according to the graces you have been given? Will you choose to put aside your doubts, and instead believe in yourself and the power of divine love that will reach out to the world through your willing soul? Ah yes, I knew your brave heart would accept this empowerment. I knew you wanted to serve more than you wanted to fear.

Whatever is in your heart is the method… The master teaches us that we are built to serve according to a higher perfection. So if to dance is in your heart, then dance. Be open and free; do not hide – dance. If prayer is in your heart, then pray. If you can feed the poor with food, if you can give the despairing kindness, the lost your words, and those who have turned away from the Great Master a healing touch, then do so. Do so without doubt, without having to be the best or the greatest, or any other notion your mind conjures – just be willing. Willingness, not perfection, is required from you, so then there is room for freedom to awaken in you. Willingness opens you to divine assistance and, through that empowerment, an even greater joy of being will grow within your sacred heart. Your service can flow from simply being yourself in the world, completely and utterly. Your radiance can become one of the sacred candles of the Holy Master. There are many candles that hold the master’s light, and yet each one of them is precious beyond compare. Be such a light…

Do you think you only serve love and are not also served by love? The helpers are always helped; this is love’s way… Your purpose is bestowed. Serve, assist – do not hold back for any reason. Not one reason you could imagine is worthy of you. So then, aliveness; so then, service; so then, joy. Help and be helped – that is the way for you now…

You are being guided deeper into your life purpose and divine destiny… You are going through a process of assuming more spiritual responsibility for the honest and empowered expression of your own essence, and through that, your healing presence in the world is increasing. You are stepping up and forward onto your path. This is appropriate now… So shine true; be humble but not dismissive of your gifts. Allow others to find their way more easily because you choose to honour the power of the great silence that emanates through you evermore as you trust and surrender.

This oracle brings special messages of reassurance that you are making progress and are indeed on the right path. Although it may not unfold exactly how you anticipate, it will indeed unfold! You are making a positive impact in the world – more than you consciously realise – and you are asked therefore to continue. Do not give up… All is well.”

Sacred Honouring Ritual: “Say aloud: ‘I am blessed to serve the great, all-loving silence through the presence of divine joy, grace and radiant compassion, through the master that loves me without condition, and the blessed assistance of Angel Razbar who loves me unconditionally. I accept all help and I offer myself completely in service to life, to being, and to assist humanity in a practical way, according to the graces and talents I have been given. So be it!’ If you can comfortably place your forehead on the floor, bowing to the earth, do so. Rest there for several moments. You have finished your honouring ritual.”

In what way do you wish to serve and share your light in the world? What are your natural abilities, likes, desires? This Mercury Retrograde pay attention to any emotions and dreams (both sleeping and waking dreams) that come up. If something is not working out or you’re feeling a certain way, explore why. Do you feel joyful and excited with life and what you do and the experiences you create? Witness and explore.

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