Heal Your Life Workshop: Favorite & Impactful Lessons

Even if you don’t believe, you can be willing to believe. You don’t have to know how something is going to work out or how to heal, trust, forgive, love, let go, or anything. If you are open and willing, the Universe will take care of the details. Affirm that you are willing, receptive and open to all good and let the Universe help you find the way.

At the first Heal Your Life workshop I attended, we began by writing affirmations from the Heal Your Life philosophy. I grudgingly wrote them wondering if something was wrong because I absolutely didn’t believe what was being told to me. Thankfully someone else spoke up and with as much angst and reservation as I was feeling asked, “what if you just don’t believe that?” And the leader said you can be willing to believe. That made all the difference for me.

Mirror Work~ Mirror work involves looking at yourself in the mirror and saying affirmations to yourself. The way you feel when you do this tells you a lot about your belief in the affirmations you are saying, and also about your feelings of self worth and of being deserving. Try it- can you look yourself in the mirror and face your thoughts? The first time I did this I cried. Some of the other participants winked and flirted with their selves in the mirror. Others, I’m told, have gotten angry and thrown mirrors or walked out on the exercise altogether.

If you try it or already practice mirror work, feel free to share your experience in the comments. I personally intend to firmly establish my mirror work practice starting now. I don’t cry when I look in the mirror any more but I don’t much look either. Maybe I will write about my experience after I get Louise Hays mirror work book and practice. (Behavioral psychology says you are more likely to stick with a goal if you make it public. There, it’s public; I intend to do mirror work everyday.)

If you don’t feel worthy or are full of guilt, healing and happiness cannot lastingly occur for you. I learned that the most important factor of all is self love. I read a lot, I study a lot, and I meditate increasingly more. None of that matters if I don’t have a basis in or focus on self love.

This is a big one.

What I learned and experienced at my first Heal Your Life workshop opened my eyes and my world to so much healing. It truly changed my life. This is just one layer though. What I also learned and have been learning is that this type of work takes continual and daily, dare I say vigilant, practice. It’s not something you can experience in one weekend workshop and then call it good. There are so many layers of healing and self discovery and empowerment. This philosophy really permeates every part of life.

And sometimes we need help. As much I want to be able to heal my life so that I can help others do the same, I can’t do it by myself. I’m excited to be attending my 2nd Heal Your Life workshop in the form of a 2 week teacher and life coach training. This is the next big step for me and then I get to be certified to lead others through this meaningful philosophy on life. I will write more and share more about the experience, after I experience it of course.

If you are interested in helping me attend this training, you can donate at my PayPal link. Any contribution is greatly helpful and appreciated. Thank you for reading and for your support in all forms!

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