Heal Your Life Training Update: Spiritual Bypassing and Divine Timing

Last winter I decided to become a Heal Your Life teacher and attend a training in Canada (I live in the United States). The week my training was scheduled to happen, the world was going into lockdown and my training was rescheduled. Fast forward 7 months to the rescheduled training and travel to Canada still wasn’t an option. It’s now May 2021, a year after my initial training was scheduled, and I am aiming for attending the upcoming training this October.

How do I feel about all of this and what have I learned? I hold the belief that things are always working out for me, and I believe the path to becoming a Heal Your Life teacher is no different. On one level, I am more certain than ever of my commitment to teach Louise Hay’s work. No matter the delay or way in which it comes about, I know it is in my heart to be a Heal Your Life teacher and share this beautiful work. It’s a wonderful thing to know something without question and I am grateful for the clarity.

Along with strengthened clarity and sense of commitment, I have also been able to see where I wasn’t fully living up to and practicing the work I’d like to teach. Being delayed in being certified to lead workshops and coach while still having a heavy focus on healing work gifted me the time to focus this energy on my own life. It helped me to see where I was spiritually bypassing.

Everything I was doing was to avoid or fix something going on with me, instead of loving and letting what is arise. I was using acquiring information and skills, and sharing that with others to bypass actually practicing what I was learning on myself, and experiencing it in my own life- something I might not have noticed had I been able to start leading workshops.

Spiritual bypassing is using spiritual ideas to skip over going through the whole process, darkness and discomfort included. For example; gaining spiritual knowledge but not living it, or saying its all love and light while suppressing any unwanted feelings that may be there- another habit I have thankfully become aware of.

This journey is teaching me patience and humility, and that it is OK to go through my own process in my own way. I used to think I had to be perfectly healed and know everything so I could have all the answers before I could be worthy of teaching others. The need to put on an all knowing and completey healed face kept me from letting myself be truly seen or feeling ok with feeling other than happy, and actually kept me from really allowing myself to process the heavy emotions that need processing. Along with the unwillingness to feel discomfort.

Now I know that I am just sharing my perspective based on my experience. Its OK and natural to have ups and downs. I am a part of the whole, a piece of the puzzle, as we all are, and I don’t need to have all the answers. In Louise Hay’s words; “I am not a healer. I do not heal anyone. I think of myself as a stepping stone on a pathway of self-discovery.” I am now getting comfortable with not knowing everything, and with feeling uncomfortable feelings, and being aware that there are levels in life so we can come back to the same lessons with different levels of understanding. The more I get to learn and experience, the better teacher and helper I can be. As Abraham Hicks says; words do not teach, it is through life experience that we truly learn.

I fully trust that life has my best interest at heart and I will get to become a certified Heal Your Life teacher and coach at the perfect time for me and those who I get to help, being guided to be the best me and helper of the Divine I can be the whole way. I’m so excited for the time to come in which I get to host workshops and we can heal and grow together in that setting. Hopefully by the end of October 2021 I will be a certified Heal Your Life teacher. In the meantime I love staying connected with you here on the blog.

For more information on my Heal Your Life journey, read here and here. Follow this link for more information on the training. If you are interested in contributing a donation or tithing to help pay for my Heal Your Life training, I greatly appreciate it and you can do so through PayPal by clicking here. Thank you for reading and for your support in all forms!

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