Affirmations for June

“As long as I am here, I am exactly where I need to be.”
“I am in the best position to learn, grow & experience my highest good right now.”
“I absorb the energy of the Sun.”
“The energy of the Sun helps me transmute & heal.”
“I am blessed by the Sun.”
“In this moment I have everything I need, & I am grateful. My gratitude brings me ever more to be grateful for.”
“Wellbeing comes naturally to me.”
“I handle challenges with ease & grace.”
“My needs are always met.”
“I communicate with honesty, even when it is hard.”
“I am always safe.”
“I enjoy life!”

There is a lot going on this month of June- a lot of change and alot of retrograde motion at the same time. We may be experiencing a lot of demand and activity from the outter world, or be in a period of adjustment from some recent or ongoing change (pandemic, party of everyone). Or we may be longing for change to escape the demands and trappings of our current circumstances.

Take a moment to be where you are and feel how you feel without trying to change anything. This is where the magic begins and we can experience clarity. While you are taking a pause to be present with what is and notice where you have been and how you have been using your energy, and where you would like to be, consider the affirmations for this month. Work with what resonates with you or triggers you. You can give gratitude or ask for healing and miracles anytime; anytime you feel the warmth and light of the Sun, anytime you consciously breathe in and out, anytime you drink water.

As a visual you can think of a plant photosynthesising in the Sun. Think of yourself in the same way. You relish the energy of the Sun, it is vital to your growth and well-being. You also need water and nourishment in order to benefit from the Sun without drying up or burning out. This can be taken literally and figuratively. Drink water and enjoy the beneficial nutrients of the natural world and the elements. If you have clean drinking water, there is much to be grateful for, for water is Life. Nourish yourself in whatever way connects you with a feeling of wellbeing.

Happenings to Note:
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini: 6/10
Solstice: 6/20
Full Moon in Capricorn: 6/24
Pluto Retrograde: 4/27-10/6
Saturn Retrograde: 5/23-10/11
Mercury Retrograde: 5/29-6/22
Jupiter Retrograde: 6/20-10/18
Neptune Retrograde: 6/25- 12/10
Venus moves into Leo: 6/26

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