New Moon Message-Gemini New Moon

Teton Mountain Range, Grand Teton National Park

At this New Moon I’d like to share a message about a healing portal open for accelerated growth and healing. The Royal Teton Etheric Retreat will open on June 15th for approximately 30 days. You come to the Retreat in the spiritual plane, not in your physical body. It exists in another dimension and plane of consciousness. What’s most important is that you intend your consciousness and emotional body to connect with the energy on offer at this time.

You can imagine a university classroom or healing center, where you go to transmute, grow, learn, and ascend (by embodying higher consciousness). Many imagine it that way but you are encouraged to be open to your own journey and experience. During this time we can experience breakthroughs and miracles, and set off on a different or more accelerated trajectory if we like. As new moons are great for new beginnings, especially this one with an eclipse, now is a good time to be getting clear on your intentions.

To get clear, we must fully witness ourselves and what is. We have the ability to heal, grow and ascend by really feeling and going through it (whatever “it” is for you) raw and unfiltered. Feel whats been buried and frozen and what you’ve been avoiding. Depending on where you are at and what you’re working with, you can present a specific focus for healing, manifestation, miracles and growth, and/or you can open yourself up to the Masters and Loving Divine Guides, and your Higher Self, and ask that the will of Source/God be done and for help in carrying out that highest will.

By being willing to fully feel whatever arises, be it joyful or uncomfortable, you can transmute karma from all lifetimes, and in so doing take your place and the next step in building the Rainbow Bridge. The Royal Teton Etheric Retreat is open to all initiates and souls who wish to work with and are willing to do the work with the Masters, which is to do God’s/Sources work and the work of your Higher Self.

Work does not have to be seen as work and undesirable. Doing God’s will can and should be very much enjoyable. There is no need to suffer. Yes there will be some discomfort in witnessing what has been suppressed, but by briefly feeling the discomfort of being present to what is, you will release and free up lifetimes of energy that has been used to perpetuate patterns and keep things buried. You can’t heal what you can’t feel. And feel you must. The Masters and your guides will help you. Be willing to be present. All you need to do to begin is set time aside and be. Know that feelings will arise and the Ascended Masters will help you if you will allow it and consciously ask.

If something comes up that evokes reaction, resistance, or feeling in you, do not say that this is insignificant or not spiritual enough. If it matters to you, it matters. Our experience of what is matters and is the only thing that will last with us forever. Our soul memory and integration of the experience is what matters to be more specific. This is where the energy is. It is truly our experience that matters in this lifetime, we give meaning. And we can open up to so much more expansive meaning and experience. Don’t try to figure out exactly how, this can limit the experience. Open yourself up to learning and experiencing miracles in the Royal Teton Etheric Retreat. Set intentions to go here in your dreams, or during meditation, and you will be guided here. You will of course begin to see the results in your everyday waking life. Thank your Guardian Spirits for helping you along the way.

New Moon Ritual: Make a list of things you would like the Masters to help you with. Practice the Ho’opono prayer- “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

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