Full Moon Message – Capricorn Full Moon

Mantra: “I live for today, and I feel cheerful.” (From the Mystical Wisdom Oracle)

Cheer Up from Mystical Wisdom Oracle, New Moon from Native Heart Healing Oracle, Willing Release from Oracle of the 7 Energies

Our message at this time is to create and allow moments of enjoyment and satisfaction exactly where we are right now. There is alot of heavy and intense emotion and interaction happening. We have been learning alot about our emotions and our true desires. We may so desperately want to be somewhere else in another situation and already out of the one we are trying to leave/change. In our desperation to be elsewhere, we can cut of our life force and miss out on truly beautiful moments available during transition and change.

It’s ok to want more and better, or just different for ourself and loved ones. But we can’t make everything else wrong in the meantime or we could get stuck in resentment. Yes, acknowledge what you don’t like and want to change, but don’t get stuck there in that focus. Remember to give energy to what you want to create and experience. Spend time doing what you want to be doing and being how you want to be, even if this is not a constant yet. Don’t let the fact that something isn’t happening all the time yet prevent you from even experiencing moments. By finding moments of sincere joy, appreciation or satisfaction, we pave the way for more.

The Oracle of the 7 Energies says: “Some days, you have to let go of your struggle to find an answer, and focus on other things for a while. This doesn’t mean giving up or altogether losing anything… You do your part by setting your intentions and taking any necessary actions, but you must then surrender the form, the timing, and the ‘how’ to your Higher Power.
There is a Divine plan for each of us. When acting on this faith, you may find that your intense desire for something translates into a feeling of attachment and entitlement… Can you be open to receiving what is yours, even if it is not packaged in the form you thought you wanted? Perhaps if you look deeper, you will see that you’ve received the perfect vibrational match to your most authentic wants and needs… impatience erodes the foundations of your trust in the Divine.”

From the Native Heart Healing Oracle: “Assess your position. Know what you want.” This “is a sacred time that we can honour by going within and evaluating our life choices. Ask yourself what you need to do to bring your dreams into your reality… Choose to be the creator of your own world. This mandala supports you as you receptively listen to your heart’s desires and allow them to blossom and bear fruit.” Know that receiving the New Moon card during a full moon signifies that new beginnings will come from endings and that some endings will be necessary to usher in our desired new beginnings.

Once we have listened to our heart’s desires, set our intentions, called on the Universe for help, taken necessary action, and listened to our hearts again; it’s important that we enjoy moments of satisfaction even amidst our discontent before our desires have fully manifested. We can allow these moments of satisfaction to increase as they begin to overpower the undesirable as we stop giving the unwanted so much focus by wallowing.

The Mystcial Wisdom Oracle invites us to “become childlike again… Do something spontaneous… just live in the moment and enjoy what you are doing. Allow the universe and your angels to effortlessly assist you at this time. Listen to the angels sing, be still and just go with the flow. If you are feeling exhausted or disheartened, just rest and do nothing. Nurture yourself to re-energize for tomorrow [or the next phase]. Do what you need to do to cheer up!”

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