Affirmations for July

• It is safe to explore my inner world.
• I am honest with myself. I trust myself.
• I honour my needs and I am my own champion.
• I love all of me.
• It is ok to feel and express.
• I have a healthy relationship with all aspects of myself. This allows me to have healthy relationships and interactions with others.
• When I feel safe within, I feel safe everywhere.
• I am a friend and loving parent to my inner child and all aspects of me.

Affirmation Cards from I Can Do It Cards by Louise Hay

This is a good month to focus on or give attention to parenting your inner child. Every age you have ever been, your true tendencies, likes and desires, and every unresolved trauma live inside you. When triggers come up and you see yourself reacting from trauma or unexpressed feelings, how can you pause and react in a healthier way?
What do you and your inner child need to feel safe and happy in any given situation? Pay attention to the thoughts you think, the way you talk to yourself and your inner dialogue.

If you are an adult reading this, you are your own parent now. You get to enforce your own boundaries and set your own standards. What will bring you calm if you feel anxious or stressed? Do you ask for and find the help and support you need? If you feel unsafe, what do you need in order to feel safe? If you feel angry, why? And what is the healthiest way to express your anger? What brings you joy and are you taking the time to enjoy it?

For any feeling, reaction or desire you may have, pay attention to how you show up for yourself. Do you scold yourself and make yourself wrong? Do you abandon yourself? Do you nurture yourself and practice self-care? Whether things are going amazing, are really difficult, or anywhere in between, be nice to yourself. It is more than ok to learn from Love and gentleness.

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