New Moon Oracle Message – Cancer New Moon

“Primal Flower Essence”

Card from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

“This healing mandala is drawing your awareness to the new level… you are opening up to. Your higher self sees that you are ready to flourish. Your soul recognises the effort you have given to growing, learning and the great journey you are undertaking inward. You have reached a pinnacle… Your primal flower is the core of your being that speaks of all that you are from your earliest stage of evolution until now. The wisdom we speak of here is that of experience rather than book learning. Be the beautiful flower you are…”

What are your dreams and are you living your dream life? Do you even believe that’s possible? Do you love and allow every part of you? All the parts of you that have lived through different experiences and still exist within you now? All the parts that have been expressed, felt, suppressed, denied? All of you that has loved and dared to try and experienced joy? Now is the time for integration and “real world application.”

You have learned so much, experienced so much, and changed as a result of your experiences and evolving desires. Your personality has evolved. It’s time to let yourself be who you have become as a result of your life experience. Let your feelings speak to you and respond lovingly and accordingly. All feelings are valid and appropriate if you’re feeling them, and all dreams are possible if you’re dreaming them.

Replace questioning, waffling, chastising, and disbelieving by redirecting that energy into living your dreams and actualising your desires through taking neccessary, inspired action and having continued belief in the most desired outcomes of your chosen direction. You live the journey now, with each step you take toward an end goal. How do you want to be on your journey? Stop waiting for permission or making excuses. Be the leader of your own life, and in so doing a light post and beautiful example to others.

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