Affirmation for the Week 12/20-12/26

Card pulled from Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

“I forgive myself”
“As I forgive myself, I leave behind all feelings of not being good enough, and I am free to love myself.”

Whatever it is, forgive yourself. There is no need to punish yourself. Let yourself be free from guilt and allow yourself to heal and make healthy choices, and try new and good things, and receive and accept good. You are worthy. No exceptions.

The holidays can be hard, just forgive yourself and let yourself to be.

If you’re interested in a little holiday and solstice magic, you can do some stargazing and check out the Christmas Star, also known as the Great Conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn align, looking like a bright and beautiful star! This is a very rare occurrence. Only visible for a couple hours just after sunset. There’s also a meteor shower going on so you may even see some shooting stars.

Card pulled from Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

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