Full Moon Oracle Message – Cancer Full Moon

Card pulled from The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson, art by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

“Even if we have never experienced a mother’s love, the true force of that loving protection exists within us. So we can give it to ourselves… But the message is to ask for what you need… The divine needs our request for assistance in order to enter our lives… We will be met with more love than we could ever imagine.”

The Divine wants to help us each and all in living our best life, walking our path with ease and to our full potential. The Divine wants to help us through the difficult stuff. The key is you have to ask your Higher Power for help. Whatever it is you want or need help with, intentionally ask your Higher Power to assist you and you will be lovingly guided.

Knowing that you are always safe, loved and supported by Source/Universe/Higher Power, allow yourself to allow whatever is happening in your life now. You can acknowledge your feelings. Wherever you feel uncertainty or any other difficult emotion, ask your Higher Power for help and reassurance. Trust the process of Life and know that you are supported in any way you need. Feel what you need to feel. Ask for what you need and let yourself receive it.

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