Affirmation for January

Card pulled from Find Your Light Inspiration Deck by Sara Burrier

“I am a child”
“I remain a child inside, seeing the wonders of imagination and giggles of pure light dancing about me. I will approach this day open and willing to receive the simple gifts it brings.”

You can also affirm, “I love and honor the child within.”

Who you were as a child, and all little you’s experiences, feelings, hopes, dreams and conditioning are still a part of you today. Your inner child is always alive within you no matter your age. What we learn as a child, healthy or not, becomes part of our subconscious programming through adulthood. In order to be whole and happy adults, we need to have a relationship with our inner child and allow space for it’s expression.

Repeat the above affirmations daily and regularly do something to honor your inner child. Be willing to see Life with childlike wonder, inspiration and trust. Be willing to feel your feelings. Give thanks for the simple, pleasurable moments and happenings- this invites more happiness.

If we have neglected our inner child, we might feel sad or uninspired, that is ok. Honor that too and ask your inner child what it needs to feel better.

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